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  • Is concrete expensive to maintain?
    Concrete driveways are low maintain, (just sweep away debris or scrub away stains with soap and water), and they don’t require annual sealing to keep them from degrading. Unlike asphalt driveways that may eventually show wear and tear from heavy use and/or heavy vehicles (often seen as ruts in the asphalt where tires sit or settle), a concrete driveway offers a permanent, solid foundation that resists warping and degradation.
  • How thick should the slab be ?
    Typical slabs thicknes will vary depending on subgrade & site conditions.
  • Are there different types of reinforcing material?
    Yes, the most common type is carbon steel reinforcement. Other types include fiberglass, stainless steel, carbon fiber, or basalt fiber reinforcement. These alternate typs tend to be more expensive.
  • What kind of finishes can concrete have?
    Concrete can have a variety of finishes such as; - Broom finish - Trowel finish - Salt finish - Stamp finish - Exposed aggregate finish
  • How long should I wait until I can drive on concrete ?
    The American Concrete Institute and the American Concrete Pavement Association recommend a minimum of seven days following concrete placement before using a concrete driveway. Other concrete industry educational and technical societies recommend anywhere from three-to-seven days after placement, depending on anticipated driveway loading factors and the concrete mix design used.
  • What is required for an estimate ?
    All we need is your name and contact information, We take care of the rest click here for a free estimate
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